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I hereby certify that Crowntown, staff, and facility where pageant or event is being held, or anyone associated with this pageant are not responsible for accidents, injury, or theft incurred before, during, or after the pageant and therefore release any liability to said parties. Judges decisions are final. Poor sportsmanship will result in disqualification of contestant and prizes (this includes contestant and family members). The director reserves the right to cancel pageant due to lack of participation with full refund. I understand no refund will be given if contestant fails to show or is disqualified because of misconduct by contestant or family member. All deposits are non-refundable.
Scholarship Queens will receive their scholarship/or cash award at the end of their reign, all Scholarship Queens must attend a minimum of 4 qualified appearances during their reigning year to receive their scholarship or cash award. If appearances are not met all monatary awards are forfeited. If pageant is awarding a scholarship, we must have five or more contestants to award scholarship.

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Must total a min of $300 for Mermaid Princess Pageant

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